The buyer is responsible for providing safe and suitable storage and for ensuring that it will take the full quantity ordered. The buyer will also indemnify the seller against claims, damages, expenses or costs which may arise as a result of the buyer not observing these conditions.

It is a condition of sale of any Aviation or Motor Fuels supplied against ticketed invoices that the Buyers will strictly observe all the conditions of their Petroleum storage licence and that they will not allow any smoking or naked lights nor permit any stoves, electric or gas fires or radiators to function in proximity to a tank or inlet pipe into which a delivery of spirit is being made or a vent pipe connected to such a tank and will indemnify the Sellers against any damages, claims or costs arising out of a breach of this clause.

The product supplied against ticketed invoice will be charged at the prices ruling on the day of delivery irrespective of the date of order.

Where the buyer is a commercial consumer such product is sold exclusively for own use or trade purposes only and must not be resold, transferred or disposed of to any other person, firm, company or corporation.

Sellers measurement of quantity will be accepted by Buyers.

All packages contain full measure when delivered by Sellers but owing to the volatile nature of Petroleum they cannot hold themselves responsible for any shortage after the packages leave their hands.

Acceptance by Buyers of products supplied against ticket invoice will be treated as an acceptance by them of these conditions.

The Consumer shall be responsible for the dipping of his tanks and shall confirm to the driver that there is room for the load.

An additional charge to cover Government VAT payable by the Seller in respect of monies received from the sale of goods liable to such tax, is shown separately on the Sellers invoice applicable and forms part of the Sellers price of the goods.

Where oil is sold to a private residence and invoiced to a third party, it is agreed that whomsoever shall sign the receipt acknowledging delivery shall in addition to the party being involved be liable to the seller both as principal and as agent of the buyer and shall discharge the amount due in the event of the buyer failing to do so within thirty days from the receipt of the goods at the residence.
The Customs/Excise Duty chargeable on hydrocarbon oil has been paid on the oil specified in this invoice and no rebate of such duty has been allowed thereon.
This oil is marked gas oil delivered on rebate of duty and must not be used for combustion in the engine of a motor vehicle or kept in the fuel tank of such vehicle. Any person so using them renders himself liable to proceedings for penalties.
The marked products specified in this invoice have been delivered on rebate of Customs/Excise Duty and must not be used for combustion as fuel in motor vehicle or kept in a fuel tank of such a vehicle. Any person so using them renders himself liable to proceedings for penalties.

Orders of Kerosene exceeding 2300 are subject to additional checks and a customer declaration of use.

ORDERS WILL BE HELD until we received, and have processed the following online declaration.

Risk or loss of damage to the products sold to the Buyer shall pass to the Buyer at the time of delivery but property in such products will not pass to the Buyer, AND TITLE SHALL REMAIN VESTED IN THE Seller or his agent until payment in full of the invoice price thereof and all sums due and owing from the Buyer to the Seller or his agent on any account whatsoever, until such time the Seller or his agent shall be entitled to re-delivery of the products and for the purpose of inspecting or recovering the same, to enter upon any premises where any such products are stored or thought to be stored. If the Buyer shall at any time mix such products with similar products of its own, it shall be deemed to dispose of its own products before disposing of any of the Sellers or his agents.
When an order paid by debit or credit card is placed on this website the full value of the order placed is deducted from the debit or credit card at the time of ordering. In the event that the delivered amount is less than the amount ordered we will refund the difference back to the debit or credit card used to place the order. The unit price charged may vary where the delivered quantity is less than the ordered quantity.
STANDARD Delivery will normally take place within  10 working days of receiving an order but during busy times and in poor weather conditions it may take longer. Dice Fuels Ltd. will make every effort to make a prompt delivery but cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control.

EMERGENCY Deliveries - These are normally carried out using our RURAL DELIVERY VAN, which must be able to park within 50ft of your tank due to hose length.  If for any reason we are unable to complete a delivery for an order which has been placed and paid for through this website we will refund in full the value of the order placed. The refund will be processed back to the debit or credit card used to place the order.

We reserve the right not to accept an order placed and paid for on this website.

ACCESS - The customer accepts full responsibility that tankers entering their property do so at the customers own risk, and parking surfaces are suitable for such vehicles.  
If the customer wishes to cancel an order made via the website before delivery, we will issue the full refund back to the original payment method which can take between three and ten days to complete. If the customer wishes to cancel their order on the day of delivery, when our vehicle has been loaded and is en-route, a failed delivery charge of £50.00 will apply.
Refunds from this website are processed through our payments processor and the banking system and can take between three and ten days to complete.
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